$ 14.00

Face to Face with Leviathan

By Mission Imperative!

DVD. 33 Minutes

Watch out! Something HUGE just flew overhead! What in the world … a dragon!? This must be a dream. Everyone knows dragons don’t really exist – they’re just fantasy creatures from old fairy tales and folklore, right?

Or are they?

The dream sets Ranger Mike on a fascinating and dangerous quest to find out why there are stories about dragons found all over the world. Is that just coincidence? The search takes him to Africa, where clues lead to discoveries about another ancient creature, shrouded in mystery – the dreaded “leviathan”.

What was leviathan? A dragon? A sea serpent? Many people think that maybe it was a crocodile, so Ranger Mike cautiously studies one of the most dangerous creatures alive – the Nile Crocodile! An old book sheds more light on the issue, and astonishing truths are revealed!

Were dragons real after all? Could they really produce fire out of their mouths? Could they really fly? Were they really red? This adventure separates truth from myth, reality from fantasy.

But in the excitement, Ranger Mike had better stay alert! Crocodiles are always hungry!