$ 8.95

Get Wisdom

23 Lessons for Children About Living for Jesus

By Ruth Younts

Paperback. 92 Pages.

Question: What do our kids need? Answer: They need wisdom. “Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom...” (Proverbs 4:7). Designed for parents or teachers to use with children from Kindergarten through Grade 4, twenty-three lessons illustrate qualities of wisdom and godliness.

It's been said that wisdom is the ability to make the most God-honoring choice in any situation. As parents, God has given us no higher calling than to help our children see and choose this life-giving wisdom. If "foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child", then wisdom is the only cure. Get Wisdom! is a treasure book filled with easy to use lessons for parents to teach wisdom at the dinner table, on the way to school, during evening devotions, or whenever works for you. Our children love the pictures and discussion questions in Get Wisdom! and we're thrilled to see them learning how to live out their faith through their daily choices.
- Kirk and Chelsea Cameron