$ 14.00

Monkey Business

By Mission Imperative!

DVD. 35 Minutes

A strange turn of events! Ranger Mike is speaking to a group of kids about spiders. But someone in the audience doesn’t like this at all!

Things get quickly out of hand! Huge spiders get loose! Kids panic and start screaming, trying to get out of the building. Emergency vehicles – phone calls – helicopters – the hospital! What’s going on?! Word of the catastrophe spreads quickly. Splat takes charge. Wait, WHAT! Splat takes charge?! Oh, no! This is going to be a real mess!

A mess? Or maybe there’s some serious “monkey business” afoot! Join Ranger Mike as he unravels and corrects the twisted tale. Discover the secret in the old chest up in the creepy attic! Learn the truth, not only about what really happened, but also about spiders – and monkeys and apes, too!

Watch out, though! There is a very serious side to monkey business — a very flawed story about apes and people!