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Ranger Mike DVD Series

By Mission Imperative!

6 DVDs.​

What is "Ranger Mike"? What is the purpose? Simply put, these are video adventure series for kids roughly 6-12 years old. For years, parents approached us asking if there was anything available anywhere that would counter the TV programs that are available - programs their kids like to watch. There are many of them. However, too often there are subtle and not-so-subtle ideas that run counter to the Bible's teachings. Moreover, kids love animals and things related to the outdoors. Christian parents want Bible-based programs.

Mike Snavely not only grew up in South Africa and had many experiences with nature, but he also worked for the South African National Parks Service in Kruger National Park. This earned him the nickname, "Ranger Mike".

These video episodes are each designed to be Bible-centered, Educational, Wildlife-based, Creation-oriented, and Entertaining.