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Biblical Economics in Comics

By Vic Lockman

112 Pages
7-9 Grade
Worldview and Culture
1/2 Credit

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Make no mistake! Vic Lockman is serious about the Bible and the economic issues that it addresses. His method of explaining what it says just happens to be cartoons – a non-threatening, easy-to-remember, and fun way to demonstrate God’s principles. Vic helps us to understand the market, money, taxes, government, law and what the Bible has to say about each one. An ideal introduction to the study of economics.

This really is a "non-threatening, easy-to-remember, and fun way" to understand God's principles for His blessings, and it truly is an " ideal introduction to the study of economics " for any abstract thinker. Even elementary school students can understand these concepts.
- C.L. Sawyer

Vic Lockman's cartoon masterpiece should (seriously) be required reading for every young person pursuing a degree in economics. Why? Because before the student's head is filled with the 'endogenous' and 'exogenous' pap and drivel of the dismal science, it should have a foundation of common sense and classical economic principles.
- David Zuniga

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