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Building a Godly Home, Vol. 1

A Holy Vision for Family Life

By William Gouge

Hardcover. 200 Pages

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For years, William Gouge's Domestical Duties has stood as the foremost Puritan treatment of Christian family life. Yet due to its size and antiquated expression, it has become almost unknown among current generations of believers. To help revive the usefulness of this classic book, Scott Brown and Joel R. Beeke divided Gouge s work into three manageable volumes, updated the language to modern standards, and have given it the title Building a Godly Home.

In the first volume, A Holy Vision for Family Life, we hear the voice of a wise and loving mentor, calling us to the old paths laid out for the family in the Bible. Here is Gouge's helpful exposition of Ephesians 5:21-6:4, where he lays out the wife's voluntary submission to her husband, the husband s sacrificial love for his wife, the child s obedient honoring of parents, and the parents nurturing leadership of their children. Reading it is like sitting down to coffee with a gentle grandfather and wise pastor. Come and allow your family to benefit from such wise counsel.

"Happy is that kingdom where magistrates and subjects fear the Lord. Happy is that church where ministers and people fear the Lord. Happy is that family where husband and wife, parents and children, master and servants fear the Lord. In such a kingdom, church, and family, everyone will submit themselves to the mutual good one of another..."

Few issues spell countercultural Christianity as does a biblical view of the home and its various relationships and responsibilities. Those like the seventeenth-century Presbyterian William Gouge, who attempted a lengthy exposition of domestic life as outlined in Scripture, got themselves into trouble with those who viewed biblical teaching burdensome (Gouge was vilified by wealthy city women, for example). But domestic reform is essential if we are to reflect godliness in the home, and Gouge's once enormously popular Of Domestical Duties is without equal in describing what it looks like. A masterful guide, Gouge is pastoral, clear-headed, thoughtful, and eminently Bible-focused as he writes about the tasks, ideals, and problems of Christian family life. Once as popular as Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress and Matthew Henry's Commentary, Gouge's Of Domestical Duties deserves a central place in the modern Christian home.
- Derek Thomas, Minister of Preaching and Teaching, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina

This book is a wonderful, simple [but not an easy] read on what God intended for the home and family. It is a message that all Christians need to hear in a culture that has defined the family many ways.
- Tracy