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Strengthening Your Marriage

By Wayne Mack

Paperback. 203 Pages

Whichever term describes your marriage, there are ways to make it (even) better. That's because God has designed marriage to be a relationship of deep unity and strength. Despite the challenges that couples face today, marital harmony need not be considered an impossible ideal. Wayne A. Mack recognizes the challenges before us, and shows us how to meet those challenges with growing success. In this book, he has gathered a wealth of biblical insight and practical information on marital roles, communication, finances, sex, child rearing, and family worship. Both as a counseling aid and as a guide for husbands and wives to study together, this book offers true hope and help where couples need it most.

This is easily the best marriage book ion the market today. It covers the main areas of marriage (God's purpose for marriage, responsibilities of husband and wife, communication, finances, sex, children and family religion) in a thorough, 100% scriptural way . It carefully explains God's ultimate goal for the marriage relationship, which is to be a reflection of Christ's relationship to the church. The chapter on communication is worth the price of the entire book in itself; it completely revolutionized the way my spouse and I communicate with each other. Wayne Mack's instruction is very practical and easy to understand. His questions are extensive, probing and productive. This excellent study is ideal for individual study, group studies, and marriage counseling. If the ones working through it are sincere and willing to apply themselves to the work, they will discover that their marriage will be transformed into the strong, glorifying union God intended it to be.
- Lauri

Mack's book is thoroughly saturated with the Bible. It is written in an outline style that is not too brief, and thankfully, not too wordy. The chapters cover God's purpose for marriage, the roles of the husband and wife, communication, finances, intimacy, raising children, and family religion. If you are having struggles in your marriage in any of these areas, then you would benefit from reading this book. I am a pastor who uses this material for pre-marriage counseling, counseling folks after they find themselves in trouble, and in classes designed to strengthen marriage before deep trouble comes.
- Matt P.

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