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Bible Family Conference Media Collection

Build Your House on the Rock!

By Generations

MP3 and Video Session Downloads. 37 MP3 Sessions. 11 Video Sessions.

Download Todd Friel's talk, "What is Family Discipleship All About? Discipling Disciple-Makers"

Many Christian families are in trouble…and don’t even realize it. Their love for God and His Word has grown cold. The result? Family relationships become weaker. Entertainment replaces prayer. Godliness gives way to worldliness.

With a firm reliance upon the Holy Spirit of God, the Bible Conference Audio and Video recorded at the Washington, DC Bible Family Conference in August, 2018, will equip your family to “build your house on the Rock” and:

  • Teach the Bible, that the generation to come might know the works of the Lord
  • Integrate the Bible into every single school subject for your children
  • Sing the Bible, making melody in your heart to the Lord
  • Memorize the Bible, from young to old
  • Believe the Bible, no matter the cost
  • Live the Bible, in all of family life
  • Stand on the Bible, in a culture that has rejected its authority.

“Whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came,...and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock." - Matthew 7:24-25

This MP3 and Video collection contains 37 sessions recorded at the Washington DC Bible Family Conference and the Ocean Shores, WA Bible and Apologetics Family Conference (in partnership with Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington) . NOTE: A total of 11 sessions are on video.

MP3 And Video:

  • Frontlet Between the Eyes: Totally Integrating God’s Word Into Your Home - Kevin Swanson
  • Loving the Word of God: Explosive Enthusiasm for the Word of God - Carlton McLeod
  • Biblical Preaching: Why Your Family Can’t Live Without It - Joel Beeke
  • Would You Die For That? When the Word Clashes with the World - Carlton McLeod
  • Teaching Your Children to Love Christ - Steve Walker
  • Man Cannot Live by Bread Alone: The Satisfying & Nourishing Word of God - Joel Beeke
  • The Battle for Our Children - Carlton McLeod
  • Taking the World for Jesus: How the Bible Transformed the World - Kevin Swanson
  • Teaching the Word as You Sit in the House and Walk by the Way: Family Worship - Joel Beeke
  • The Beauty of Christ in Marriage: A Biblical View of Intimacy - Joel Beeke
  • Sola Scriptura: The First Reformation and the Next Reformation - Kevin Swanson

MP3 Only:

  • Tearing Up Tracks Leading to Destruction: Destroying Every False Idea - Bill Jack
  • For Dads - Todd Friel
  • Read it Right: How to Rightly Interpret Scripture - Todd Friel
  • You Can't Give What You Don't Got: Abiding in the Word - Steve Walker
  • Training Children in the Word: Psalms and Proverbs - Kevin Swanson
  • Would You Die For That? When the Word Clashes with the World - Carlton McLeod
  • A Transformed Woman of the Word - Wendy Walker
  • Seven Habits of Highly Suppressive People - Bill Jack
  • God Said It, That Settles It: The Absolute Authority of God's Word - Todd Friel
  • Handling Tough Topics in the Bible (Hermeneutics) - Steve Walker
  • What is Family Discipleship All About? Discipling Disciple-Makers - Todd Friel
  • William Tyndale: That Every Ploughboy May Know the Word - Doug Bond
  • How Fathers Nurture their Children in the Word - Bill Roach
  • Titus 2: Using the Word to Mentor Women - Wendy Walker
  • Raising Sons of the Word - Wendy Walker
  • How Can Christians Know that We Know the Truth? - Mark Ward
  • What the Bible Says About Work and Business - Steve Walker
  • Miley Cyrus, Jesus and Me: What the Bible Says About Engaging Pop Culture - Daniel Craig
  • Wycliffe and Huss: Fighting Human Traditions with the Infallible Word - Doug Bond
  • Husbands, Love Your Wives, Wash Them with the Word - Steve Walker
  • Using the Bible in Daily Child Training - Karen DeBeus
  • How Fundamentalism Fails: Losing the Spirit of the Word in the Letter - Kevin Swanson
  • John Knox: The Power of the Bible to Transform a People - Doug Bond
  • What the Word Says to the Rising Generation: Honor and Life Calling - Danny Craig
  • Teaching Your Children to Love Christ the Living Word - Dwight Cover
  • Who Decided What's in My Bible? - Mark Ward
  • Which Bias is the Best Bias to be Biased By? - Bill Jack