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God’s Bible Timeline

The Big Book of Biblical History

By Linda Finlayson

Hardcover. 96 Pages


Download a sample chapter of God’s Bible Timeline.

With color illustrations, pictures, and pull–out timelines, this history book brings the whole Bible to life! From Genesis to Revelation, from the beginning of time to the early church, from the first promise of a Savior to the promise that one day that Savior will return – this book spans all of time. Find out about how the God of all time spoke to his people and still speaks today through his Word.

“History is the true account of events that have happened in the past. The Bible contains the history of humanity – what actually happened to real people. We can trust that the Bible is true by reading those lists of real people."

"It is no small challenge to wrap our minds around the thousands of years of history that fall between Genesis 1 and Revelation 22. Linda Finlayson's God's Bible Timeline is a noble and effective attempt to help us do that very thing. Using text, graphics, and timelines, it seamlessly describes and displays both the great story and the wider context of the Bible." 
- Tim Challies, Blogger at www.challies.com

"This lovely and well-organized book will be a great help for people young and old to fit together the pieces of the history of God’s saving works so that they can see more clearly what God has accomplished in his Son." 
- Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"No doubt, this is a book you will go to again and again in answering your children’s many questions about God’s saving message. Parents, get yourself a copy. You cannot go wrong when you invest in this kind of spiritual instruction for your children. The rewards will outlive you!" 
- Conrad Mbewe, Pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church and first Chancellor of the African Christian University, Lusaka, Zambia