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Learning Contentment

A Study for Ladies of Every Age

By Nancy Wilson

Paperback. 134 Pages

We tend to think being “stressed out” is a normal state of affairs, and that contentment means sitting back and just bottling things up. For the Christian, however, contentment is something we must apply, work at, and make our own in every circumstance, because anxiety and frustration are not neutral behaviors.

It is certainly easier to just go with our natural impulses when times are “annoying” or when times are very hard, but contentment is an important part of our Christian life. Even the apostle Paul had to “learn” contentment. So we shouldn’t wonder why we’re still in spiritual kindergarten—repeating the same lessons over and over again—if we haven’t given ourselves to study contentment.

Thankfully, every test God gives on contentment is open book (even the pop quizzes!). In Learning Contentment, Nancy Wilson looks to the Bible and Puritans like Burroughs, Rutherford, Watson, and Spurgeon to help us develop the practical, spiritual strength and the perspective that comes from contentment’s deep satisfaction with the will of God.

This encouraging little book includes concise explanations, application questions and assignments that will involve and challenge everyone, and lots of biblical wisdom for individuals and groups.

“Contentment maintains control over the spirit and does not allow ungoverned passions and unrestrained emotions to bring discomposure right at the moment when the greatest composure is called for..."

Just finished leading a Ladies' Bible study based on this book. The chapters were the perfect length and breadth for busy women of all ages - just like the title says. Every Christian woman can benefit from this book. Don't let the shortness of it deceive you. It's packed with excellent thoughts, worth every page! Thank you Mrs. Wilson!
- Jacquelyn H.

This is my favorite Nancy Wilson book! It is beautifully written, encouraging, and convicting. We all struggle with discontentment to one degree or another, but Nancy spells out the problem and lays out biblical and practical ways to counteract it and replace it with deep contentment and joy. I would recommend this book to all women, no matter what stage of life. This is one of those books I am certain I will return to again and again. Thank you, Nancy!
- Diane B.

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