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Myanmar Gold

By Mark A. Robinette

Hardcover. 286 Pages

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Travel deep into the mountains and jungles of Burma (Myanmar) and hear stories as exotic and dangerous as the land itself.

Bengal tigers, spitting cobras, wild elephants, and even headhunters serve as the backdrop for an incredible never-told story of the conversion of an entire village of the Kaang Chin people from the dark holds of Animism.

See how the Son of God rises among them and brings the light of the glorious Gospel, dispelling the darkness of their false religion whose priests cruelly torture animals to appease sinister spirits.

In this nearly three-hundred-page narrative, you will triumph with these amazing people as they crush the head of Satan who loomed over them like none of their brutal military leaders dared. You may have thought stories like David Livingston in Africa or Hudson Taylor in China were part of the distant past. Think again!

The Hero: While you've never heard the name Naing Thang, after reading Myanmar Gold you will conclude he is indeed one of history's great heroes of the Christian faith.

The Author: Written by two-time Associated Press Award winning reporter M.A. Robinette, who traveled deep into Burma where no outsiders had ever been and conducted dozens of interviews through ongoing relationships with God’s miraculous converts in Myanmar, this gripping, first-hand account will not only inspire the believers engaged directly with indigenous ministries worldwide but anyone who calls Christ Savior. Your faith will be stretched and strengthened.

The Book: This gorgeous gold-foil stamped hardbound edition of Myanmar Gold, with colorful maps and several original paintings by Burmese artist Zayer Lin, will proudly compliment any library in elegant style.