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The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones

A Long Line of Godly Men Series

By Steven J. Lawson

Hardcover. 188 Pages

From the pulpit at Westminster Chapel in London, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones set a new standard for faithful and passionate preaching, a standard that continues to be relevant today. Lloyd-Jones was a physician by training and had begun a promising career in medicine before sensing an irresistible call to preach. Surrounded by theological liberalism, he began a pulpit ministry that would exert profound influence on both sides of the Atlantic.

I just finished “The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones” and was disappointed that it ended so soon. I wanted more! I have read each one of the “A Long Line of Godly Men Profile” books and believe the Lloyd-Jones offering is the best of the series. Lawson uses each chapter as a nail going through soft wood to build the case for Holy Spirit anointed expository preaching as taught and demonstrated by the Doctor. In a time when preaching seems to be less of a priority for preacher and congregation alike, this profile of Lloyd-Jones preaching style along with his hunger for the supernatural power of God on his preaching is needed even more. This book has left me wanting to be a better student of the Word and a better preacher in the pulpit. Expository preaching has a new cheerleader in Steve Lawson. I am hungry for his next book of encouragement.
- Dan S.

Short and sweet. A well written account. We do indeed need more preachers like Marytn Lloyd-Jones today. The people need to have doctrine preached from the pulpit!
- David S.

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