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A Long Line of Godly Men Set

By Various Authors

5 Hardcovers.

From Jonathan Edwards to Martin Luther, certain lives throughout church history are remembered as special testaments of God’s faithfulness. Through preaching, teaching, hymnody, and their courageous choices, they illustrate what God’s grace can accomplish through a life submitted to His purposes. The Long Line of Godly Men Profile series with Douglas Bond, Sinclair Ferguson, and Dr. Steven J. Lawson as the series editor offers readers an opportunity to learn from these exemplary lives.


With the quincentenary of the Reformation just around the corner, the publication of Steven Lawson’s The Heroic Boldness of Martin Luther could not be more timely. Indeed, with the modern church very much in need of the very kind of preaching Dr. Lawson portrays here, this book’s message is perhaps more vital than at almost any time since the days of Luther. Highly recommended.
- Dr. George Grant, pastor, Parish Presbyterian Church, Franklin, Tennessee Author, The Micah Mandate: Balancing the Christian Life

Tired of going at the Christian life in piecemeal fashion? Tired of half-hearted pursuits? Then you've come to the right book. Here Steven Lawson artfully points you to Jonathan Edwards, a model for pursuing holiness, humility, and love, and for the forsaking of sin; all driven by a relentless passion to glorify God and enjoy him forever. When Edwards wrote his Resolutions, he likely had no idea how much they would impact his life. Beware, they'll do the same for you.
- Stephen J. Nichols, President of Reformation Bible College, Chief Academic Officer, and Teaching Fellow for Ligonier Ministries