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A Sure Guide to Heaven

By Joseph Alleine

Paperback. 148 Pages

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It is no anachronism to republish Joseph Alleine’s book, A Sure Guide to Heaven, from a day when men were more deeply conscious of the world to come. When the spiritual history of the Western World in the 20th century is written, it may well be seen as the epoch of spiritual sloth and slumber. Eternal realities seemed vaguely-defined and far-removed from daily life, and conformity to the world took the form of carelessness and neglect of spiritual issues. Written by a servant of God whose preaching and writing were used to alarm and awaken many to the concerns of life and death.

“Awake! awake! O sinner, arise and take your flight. There is but one door that you may flee by, and that is the narrow door of conversion and the new birth. Unless you turn unfeignedly from all your sins, and come to Jesus Christ, and take Him for the Lord your righteousness, and walk in Him in holiness and newness of life; as the Lord liveth, it is not more certain that you are now out of hell, than that you shall without fail be in it but a few days or nights from now..."

The Puritans can never be accused of presenting the Gospel in a surface or casual form. The intensity and Scriptural focus of their writings make most modern day works seem adolescent in style and content. Formerly known as Alarm to the Unconverted, this pastoral work is a full frontal, yet compassionate, assault on unbelief, false faith and mere profession. It calls for a person's examination of his true state before the Holy God of Scripture. It was meant to be a tool for the Holy Spirit in His work of conviction of sin, righteousness and judgment. Spurgeon spoke highly of Alleine and especially of this work. All modern day Christians should take the time to read this classic work and share it with their friends, saved & unsaved. It will be time well spent.
- Neil T.

A must read classic; few men today write with this degree of sincerity, passion, and knowledge of Scripture. A comfort to the believer, a call to the unconverted.
- R. A. Pierre

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