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Always Ready

Directions for Defending the Faith

By Greg Bahnsen

Paperback. 289 Pages

This book is written by a man who actually did the work of apologetics. The book covers the attitude of the Christian apologist (humble boldness), the worldview from which one argues, and the methods by which one argues for the existence of God, explains the problem of evil, and the problem of faith. This is a truly valuable resource.

The best book I have found on apologetics. Highly recommended!
- Kevin Swanson, Executive Director of Generations

For those who want to understand Van Til, whether to agree or disagree, at least two things are both essential and too often neglected. The first to read Van Til, the second is to read Greg Bahnsen.
- Dr. Scott Oliphant, Assistant Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia