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America In God's Providence Teacher Guide - Scratch and Dent

A Christian Worldview History: 1492-Present

Edited by Kevin Swanson

"This item has either a dent(s) or other defects. The book remains readable and the text has no markings."

300 pages
10-12 Grade
1 Credit

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Here is the definitive Christian Worldview History covering the five-hundred year story of America, beginning with Christopher Columbus in 1492 and ending with Donald Trump in 2018. It is an epochal story of the rise and decline of the most powerful nation on earth. . . the United States of America.

The story of America stands out in the history of the world. In George Washington’s words, it is the story of “remarkable interpositions of Divine Providence.” It is the unique story of an experiment in freedom in a world that is filled with tyranny. It is the story of how a nation honored God, and then it didn’t. It is the story of the rise and the decline of a Republic.

Finally! Here is a Christian worldview approach to American history that teaches reverence for the Almighty, and gives God the glory on every page! This wholly-unique approach to history is essential for the Christian student. This 10th-12th grade level American History Text presents history as Christians must understand it. We bring God’s providential hand into practically every page. We honor Christ as Lord over all. We include hundreds upon hundreds of Scriptural texts, so the student will learn as much about God’s Word and its relevance for life as they will learn about American history.

Worldviews matter when it comes to history. The wrong history books will ignore the influence of Jesus Christ and render dishonor to the Lord Jesus Christ and His church throughout the ages. These books will fail to capture the real story of what is going on. Indeed, history is really and truly “His Story.” We can call it “God’s story” because God is directing all events on the stage of human history. This is what should make the story so interesting. There is something exciting going on, because God is writing the story.

In this seminal work on American History from a Christian worldview, Generations presents this Christian interpretation of America’s story.

We provide a 1 year plan and a 2 year plan for the high school student, who wants to master the history of America from a Christian worldview perspective.

This curriculum also includes the back story in God's Story. What is God doing in history?

  • The amazing salvation of Nathan Bedford Forrest, the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan...and the reconciliation that followed.
  • How Roe and Doe in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton turned pro-life, despite their names used for the abortion cause.
  • How God blessed a chicken sandwich, Chick-Fil-A as the most successful fast food restaurant in America, when the company honored His Law and His Day.
  • How God used a conscientious objector in World War II to save 75 men on Hacksaw Ridge in Okinawa.
  • The incredible salvation brought about by the Spirit of God in the life of the worst serial killer in America.
  • and 100 other great stories!