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Beauty In Christ

Freedom from the Idolatry of Body and Food

By Emily Swanson

Hardcover. 120 Pages

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Everywhere there is more and more turmoil over body image, weight, and food idolatry. In a world that is obsessed with diets, comfort food, and beach bodies, how does the Christian deal with it all?

This is a book that comes straight from my heart as the author. It was admittedly a very difficult book to write. By God’s grace, He enabled me and other beautiful young women to share our real and raw stories and struggles with our bodies, food, and yet, the redemption that comes through Christ.

Come along on the journey. I am a broken person. I am not an expert, a nutritionist, or a doctor, but I pray that God would use my story and the stories of other girls to encourage those who are struggling with their bodies, that their identity is in Christ, not in their body, or in what the world says about their body.

"Jesus is the only way to fulfillment and truth, and no temporal, worldly thing will give us the satisfaction we truly need. We won’t find an everlasting and boundless treasure anywhere else, but in Him. Think about it. Where do we find our treasure day by day? Is it in people, our body, our fitness, or in Almighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth?"

A great book! I really enjoyed it! It helped give me a better perspective on what beauty really is. I loved the emphasis on balance, joy, and not letting calories get in the way of your relationships! If you are struggling with a healthy view of food give this book a read.
- Sara

Beauty in Christ is a book like none other. Emily Swanson does a tremendous job reassuring young girls that they are beautiful in Christ no matter what they are going through. This book looks at the root causes of human insecurities and how we can combat them with the love of The Lord. Beauty in Christ is beautifully outlined and thoroughly backed up with Scripture. I highly recommend this book for anyone who needs to be reminded that they are perfect through Christ.
- Alison S.