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Bell Mountain

By Lee Duigon

Paperback. 288 Pages

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This book is part of the Bell Mountain Series Collection.

The world is going to end ... as soon as Jack and Ellayne ring the bell on top of Bell Mountain. No one has ever climbed the mountain, and no one has ever seen the bell. But the children have a divine calling to carry out the mission, and it sweeps them into high adventure. For the world is already changing, and fast: legends come to life, strange beasts emerge from the forest, bandits and slave traders hunt the helpless, and war rumbles on the borderlands.?The children must make their way through all these perils-not knowing that a professional killer has been sent to stop them.

For there are others who know the secret of the bell ... a terrible secret, only hinted at in the sacred writings. But do they understand God's plan any better than the children? The world has been shaken to its foundations before. Will this be the final shaking?

Finally... Faithful Fiction that Reveals the Kingdom of God! Great for young adults.

"Ashrof had his eye on the mountain now, Bell Moun-tain. it seemed he was reciting the words not to Jack, but to the mountain. Bell Mountain, with its rocky shoulders, its snowy shields gleaming as the sun began to decline west-ward, and the perpetual clouds that masked its crown—it towered over the valley..."

Although this series was intended for children, it absolutely captivated my adult family. Set in the fictional land of Obann, this story follows young (and unlikely) heros Jack and Ellayne as they go on a journey that they believe will bring an end to the world. Instead, you will witness great revival as they find the lost books of Scripture, see pagan tribes converted, and behold the merciful terror of the Lord of Hosts!
- Sarah

What an adventure! Written for teens/young adults, but this book would be enjoyed by any age. Perfect for those who are home-schooling and looking for well written, exciting literature. So well done Lee Duigon!
- Lisa E.

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