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Bible Songs for Kids Set

Go to the Ant and Scripture Songs I

By Judy Rogers and Scripture Songs

2 Audio CDs.

Enjoy memorizing the Bible and its timeless wisdom with your children through the power of music! Ron and Patti Vaillant, in Scripture Songs 1, and Judy Rogers in Go to the Ant help you do just that.


This set includes:


Scripture Songs 1

You and your family will easily memorize these powerful Bible passages set to beautiful music. Perfect for home school and Sabbath activities. Easily memorize powerful Bible passages set to beautiful, elevating music. All songs are from the King James Version.

This is exactly what I needed~~beautifully sung folk style scripture songs. Very easy listening~~can't think of anything better to listen to than God's word in song!
- Linda F.

We play this at night in the kids rooms. I am amazed at my little boys (ages 11, 8, 6 and 4) walking around the house singing scripture! They really like the folk music sound of this. The male in this CD has a beautiful tenor voice too! We also bring it in the van and they sing along.
- W. Boytim


Go To The Ant

These songs for the family and children capture the great wisdom of God from Proverbs on responsibility, laziness, the use of the tongue, indifference toward learning, instructing children, parent/child communication, foolishness, lying, pouting and whining, trusting God, and more! Judy is joined by children from her family and church.

Great for kids! Fun songs!
- Rebecca F.

My siblings just love this cd! Every single song is their "favorite". My mom has a hard time finding cds that both she and the kids like, but even dad will put this on every time we get in the car. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for good music for their children.
- Gabrielle B.