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Birth Control

How Did We Get Here?

By Kevin Peeples


This fast-paced, award-winning documentary takes a historic look at the modern protestant church’s public embrace and overwhelming acceptance of child prevention as the battle for privacy in marriage waged and the practice of limiting family size took hold. Raising godly children is no longer marriage’s primary purpose as the global acceptance of birth control inevitably led to a tragic breakdown in the values of family and multigenerational family life.   Children are no longer considered a blessing but rather a burden.

Excellent documentary highlighting the origins of the modern birth control movement, how Christians should respond and what we should be doing about the issue. We await part 2!
- Megan S.

Everyone should consider the reasons behind their decisions on using or not using birth control. This film helps you get all the facts, some even startling. I highly recommend this movie.
- Kitty

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