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Competing Discipleships Set

By Kevin Swanson & Media Talk 101

The Tattooed Jesus: Paperback. 167 Pages

Captivated: DVD 107 minutes plus 2 hours of bonus features!

Listen to Kevin Swanson's talk: Competing Discipleships

God designed all of us to be influenced by the ideas of the people and experiences that surround us. But as people living in a fallen world, we have to ask, are those influences good or bad?

Kevin Swanson and Philip Telfer help you evaluate the influences in the culture around you as in light of a biblical worldview. Topics include: books, movies, technology, music, art and social trends.

This set includes:


The Tattooed Jesus

Download a sample of The Tattooed Jesus

Would Jesus tattoo Leviticus 19:28 on his left thigh?

Some Christians consider it borderline blasphemy to even ask the question. Others are delighted to answer the question in the affirmative. Both parties can’t be right.

In an age of Western apostasy, it should come as no surprise to find cultural apostasy leading the way. In this pungent little book, Kevin Swanson challenges the modern Christians that capitulate to the post-Christian worldviews and cultural expressions. He doggedly refuses to separate worldviews and culture, pressing hard for repentance, or a change of worldview in the mind of the reader.

Christians are too easily ruined by philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men (Col. 2:8), because they are not discerning of bad ideas and bad cultural devices. Kevin Swanson addresses such varying topics as major motion pictures, popular music, country music, eastern medicine, tattoos, computer games, horror literature, fantasy, sports, super heroes, Contemporary Christian Music, Hip Hop, Thomas Kinkade, Harry Potter, Jack Bauer, Sesame Street, and the Hunger Games.

"I am hopeful, because I believe that there are islands of community, culture, and freedom already forming. Wherever islands of a Christian social order reappear, a distinctly Christian culture may also develop. When the cultural Titanic begins to sink, there are always “life-raft manufacturing centers.” Some may prefer to work the “duct-tape repair units” in the engine room of the ship. At some point, however, the focus must shift to the life rafts. That is what is happening now..."

This is an excellent book for Christians concerned with the current falling away from Biblical teaching and discernment which is prevalent in today's churches.
- Sherry

Having read several books in the scope of this topic, this is the best one I've ever read and gives a perspective that is different from any of the others. If you are a pastor or in a position of leadership in your church fellowship this is a must-read!
- David S.



We are surrounded by screens. Have we entered a techno utopia or a virtual prison? Should we be celebrating unreservedly or should we be cautious and skeptical? Is it the greatest leap in productivity or the biggest setback from the things most meaningful in life? Has today's connectivity drawn us closer to one another or strangely more disjointed? Is our social experience richer and deeper or more shallow and artificial? Is it all of these things or none of them? Discover insightful answers to these questions from media experts, church leaders, and inspiring individuals and families from across the country. Most importantly you will discover how God's word addresses the unique media challenges we face today.

Special appearance by Kerby Anderson, Dr. Ted Baehr, Mark Bauerlein, Phil Chalmers, Ray Comfort, Dr. Dimitrie Christakis, Trace Embry, Melissa Henson, Maggie Jackson, Al Menconi, Dr. David Murray, Dr. Jeff Myers, Raul Ries, Dick Rolfe, Joe Schimmel, Kevin Swanson, Bob Waliszewski, Dr. David Walsh, Major Phil Willis, Tim Winter AND KP Yohanna.

As a former TX State Representative and a member of the House Public Education Committee, it is clear that our society and specifically our children have been captivated by the onslaught of media. This film not only identifies the culprit and the consequences, but also delivers a call to pause and consider the cost of being ‘captivated’. I wholeheartedly recommend this thoughtful and dynamic film…it will change your life and the lives of all who view it.
- Nathan Macias

This movie inspired and encouraged me to refocus my life. May God use it to change people’s hearts and draw them to Himself. Captivated left me with a new desire for life; to experience real life and to live it for God’s glory. Thank you for this message!
- Amanda

[Captivated is] a tremendous resource for churches and families who need all the help they can get to produce Christ-captivated lives.
- Dr. David Murray