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Fighting Fear with Fear

By Wayne A. Mack & Joshua Mack

Paperback. 304 Pages

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible tells us to fear God, but our lives show where our true fears lie. Sinful, controlling fear cripples us spiritually: we're afraid to obey or trust God, and we worry more about what others think of us than what God thinks. Throw off the covers and embrace the fear that is good for you—the fear of God that will give you true courage in every situation. This book can be used for individual growth and development, for group study, or for homework assignments for those in counseling.

"Our most difficult cirumstances are nothing when compared to the power of the Spirit. Our problems arise because we don't realize just how powerful the Spirit really is. We think we need more power, when instead we need to realize the power that is already available to us..."

As a biblical counselor, I love Wayne and Joshua Mack's Courage: Fighting Fear with Fear. I have used it over and over again with folks who struggle with fear. However, the folks I counsel are not the only ones who have benefitted from this book; as a person who can easily be overpowered by fear, I have been the first to benefit. I have been blessed as I have reminded myself repeatedly of the principles this book teaches. The Mack's work stands out among a number of good resources on the subject. I would encourage you to use it first to bless your own life and then use it to bless the lives of everyone you know who might experience the emotion of fear (wouldn't that be all of us?).
- Amy Baker, Counselor, Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries

Tragically, fear grips many, many Christians in their daily walk. I say 'tragically' because, while this reality of ongoing fear should not be such a debilitating part of any believer's life, it nevertheless continues to plague countless beleaguered souls. But what to do about it? The answer, of course, is to avail yourself of large doses of God s inerrant Word, out of which, crippling fear—whatever kind of fear it may be—can be victoriously overcome. And this is simply but marvelously what Wayne Mack's book, Courage attempts to do, Taking Holy Scripture and applying it to the fearful person's woes. If you are one of those professing Christians whose most significant struggle is fear, you've now found in this book a treasure trove of biblical teaching which can wonderfully liberate you from your fear factor.
- Lance Quinn, Pastor of Grace Advance at Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California

Dr. Mack and his son, Josh, have been dear friends and mentors to me for over twenty years now. They practice what they preach! They have both personally helped me fight my fears biblically, and they will do the same for you through this super book. Dive in!
- Tim Cantrell, Pastor-Teacher at Antioch Bible Church, Johannesburg, South Africa