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Curriculum Advice Vol. 2

Practical Help for Intermediate Home Educators

By Victoria Botkin

Audio CD. 65 Minutes

Curriculum catalogs tell homeschooling parents to choose from a confusing array of 25,000 products. Government educators say, "don't even try homeschooling unless you use our multi-million dollar curriculum." Then there is Victoria Botkin. Her advice will help you relax and enjoy the high calling of motherhood. This successful home educator discloses the wisdom needed to educate children 8-14 at home. As an added bonus, you will hear from her seven well-educated children. If you want to combine a godly home life with high academic standards, listen carefully to these messages. Learn about:

  • Guiding children into character, maturity and integrity
  • How children can take responsibility for their own education
  • Teaching children to love writing
  • How to use the media
  • Helping your child develop a vision for the future
  • Recognizing and encouraging your children's gifts
  • Teaching life skills

We would like to thank you for your cd on curriculum advice. I say 'we' because my husband enjoys the new, relaxed me! It has allowed me to breathe and relax in our homeschooling journey. Well, I have only had your CDs for a couple months but listen to them ALL the time, along with the virtuous woman series, which my sister-in-law and i just LOVE. I always come away from them peaceful and happy to be a helpmeet and mommy!
- E.

I’ve purchased your CDs on Curriculum Advice. Fantastic!! I am so happy to share them with younger mothers and fathers who struggle with “playing school”. How I wish I would have had such information when I was starting out, but how thankful I am that others now have those such as yourself willing to impart wisdom.
- C.R.

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