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Early Piety

A Call to the Rising Generation

Edited by Scott Brown

Hardcover. 216 Pages

Here is a tool to inspire early piety in the rising generation. This book is a series of sermons that pastors in Boston preached under the ministry of Increase Mather and his son Cotton. At the time of writing, Increase was at the end of his life at age 83, and his son Cotton was 58 years old.

They were very concerned about the loss of godliness in the rising generation. To meet this critical moment in the history of New England, they gathered eight ministers in Boston to address the youth directly. They did this through Thursday afternoon lectures.

This book is an excellent tool for young people to examine their souls. I recommend that all young people read this book. And, further, if possible, that their parents would read it out loud with them. I feel this would achieve the greatest good.

“We need to feed our children’s souls. Behind the quaint language of the early eighteenth century, we find both spiritual milk for babes and meat for young men and women. The authors address the different relationships children have, and put all of life under the banner of fearing God. This book is a valuable tool for parents to teach us how to pray for and train our children, and a voice calling to young people in the wilderness of this world to live and walk soli Deo gloria! May God use this excellent book to instill true piety or godliness early in the lives of many. I highly recommended Early Piety as a book that meets one of the greatest needs of our day.”
- Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan