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Eldercare for the Christian Family

What to do when a loved one becomes dependent

By Timothy S. Smick

Hardcover. 240 Pages

Because of the demographic explosion among seniors, it's highly likely that each American family today will be affected - directly or indirectly - by the consequences of caring for an aging parent or relative. Yet today's families are generally unprepared for this staggering caretaker role.

Must grown children care for their parents in the same way the parents cared for them? How will your spouse and children be affected by a live-in relative? Who's going to help with the financial burden? And what about the emotional price tag - fatigue, frustration, and the inevitable feeling of dead-end hopelessness

Eldercare for the Christian Family explores all the dynamics of caregiving - planning, financing, burnout, and blessing - and enables grown children to select the most comprehensive care program for their loved ones. Full of practical advice and spiritual insights, this book is prerequisite reading for those caring for a senior adult.