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Eldercare Set

Home-Based Eldercare and Christian Family Eldercare MP3

Christian Family Eldercare

1 Paperback and 1 MP3 CD.

Home-Based Eldercare Stories and Strategies for Caregivers by Marcia Washburn. Marcia Washburn writes of the joys and challenges of caring for adult relatives in her home over the years. A caregiver’s bootcamp of stories and strategies for those who wonder whether they will be able to care for their loved ones. Paperback. 150 pgs.

Christian Family Eldercare Conference Audio- These 21 sessions provide caregiving families with encouragement and practical training from veteran caregivers, nurses, and physicians; and introduce biblical alternatives to the current eldercare construct. Speakers include: Dr. Thomas Kendall, RN Steven Vaughan, Colin Gunn, Marcia Washburn, and many more! MP3 CD. 18 Hrs.