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Eldercare Set

Home-Based Eldercare and Christian Family Eldercare MP3

Christian Family Eldercare

1 Paperback and 1 MP3 CD.

Home-Based Eldercare Stories and Strategies for Caregivers by Marcia Washburn. Marcia Washburn writes of the joys and challenges of caring for adult relatives in her home over the years. A caregiver’s bootcamp of stories and strategies for those who wonder whether they will be able to care for their loved ones. Paperback. 150 pgs.

Christian Family Eldercare Conference Audio- These 21 sessions provide caregiving families with encouragement and practical training from veteran caregivers, nurses, and physicians; and introduce biblical alternatives to the current eldercare construct. Speakers include: Dr. Thomas Kendall, RN Steven Vaughan, Colin Gunn, Marcia Washburn, and many more! MP3 CD. 18 Hrs.


Home-Based Eldercare

Download a sample of Home-Based Eldercare: Stories and Strategies for Caregivers

Marcia Washburn writes with transparency about the joys and challenges of caring for adult relatives in her home over the years. Home-Based Eldercare is a Caregiver’s Bootcamp of stories and strategies for those who wonder whether they will be able to care for their loved ones. Using practical illustrations, Marcia gives advice about legal issues, emotional and spiritual care, personal caregiving, and much more.

"Our modern systems of eldercare have generally failed to emphasize the responsibilities of children to their elderly parents, yet the honor of parents as commanded in the fifth commandment must include this care of the elderly, according to our Lord’s words in Matthew 15:4-5. Every one of us should be asking ourselves in Jesus’ words, “Is there anyplace where we have made the commandment of God of none effect, by our traditions?” (Matt. 15:6)."

This book is a must read for anyone who is presently caring for a loved one or who may in the future. It is both professionally and endearingly written with a wealth of information. The material in the Appendices is especially valuable.
- Mary Ann Lind, PhD., author, missionary, & caregiver

Marcia's down to earth style of sharing her experiences of caring for elderly family members in her home was heart warming and encouraging to us in our own similar situation. I already knew some of what she shared through my own "on the job training," but also learned quite a few new "tricks of the trade" from Marcia, especially learning to address issues in ways that maintain respect for my elder, and several other practical tips about managing medications, documents, and finances. The appendices giving help with organizing documents and a "go bag" for doctor visits were especially helpful. I plan to give copies to my siblings who are also providing eldercare in their homes.
- Katie

The prospect of caring for an elderly family member may look akin to rough dental work, but Marcia Washburn reveals instead the tenderness and love that is nurtured as we care for those who need our help in the final chapter of their life’s journey. If it’s time for you to care for your elderly loved one, Marcia offers advice from God’s word and her own journey to encourage and enable you in your own journey honoring and caring for your loved ones.
- Kathy Brasby, author and caregiver

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Christian Family Eldercare Conference Audio

Experience the first-ever forum of biblically focused caregivers, physicians, and pastors to equip families and churches to thrive in eldercare! Featuring inspiring keynotes, practical medical talks, caregiving panels, legal advice, veteran caregiver encouragement, and much more. The 2015 Christian Family Eldercare Conference includes 21 messages to encourage, equip, and enable the family and church to love the elderly among us according to biblical standards and to follow God’s eldercare plan: relationship-centered, family-focused, Christ-centered, home environments…where eldercare thrives. Enjoy speakers including Peter Rosenberger, Kevin Swanson, Dr. Thomas Kendall, Dr. David Apple, RN Steven Vaughan, Attorney Bradley Pierce, Colin Gunn, James Lansberry, Marcia Washburn, Carmen Bowman, Rich and Barb Heki, and many more!

Topics include:

  • Home-Based Eldercare: Stories and Strategies for Caregivers
  • Home-health care: everything you need to know to enable eldercare at home
  • Practical Caregiving: What to Expect
  • Challenges in Caregiving: When things go wrong…
  • Becoming Wise & Imparting Wisdom: Connecting the Generations
  • The Impending Eldercare Crisis & The Christian Response
  • The Identity Issue of Caregivers
  • Eldercare Legal Aspects
  • Fullness of Joy Helps Healthy Aging
  • When Grandpa or Grandma Moves in with the Family
  • Act Like the Church Before It’s Too Late to React
  • Hope for the Caregiver
  • The Role of the Church
  • ...and much more!