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Far Above Rubies

The Life of Bethan Lloyd-Jones

By Lynette G. Clark

Paperback. 256 Pages

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The galleries of the great heroes of faith contain many inspirational women; although not always placed in as prominent a position for all to see, their service has been invaluable in God's kingdom. The wife of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones was such a woman. Bethan Lloyd-Jones' portrait has long been hidden in a part of the gallery known only to her family and certain close friends. Lynette G. Clark brings this portrait into view, capturing the wit, wisdom and faith of a godly wife, mother and friend.

"The revival was no flash in the pan. We were seeing, every day of our lives, the reality of unseen spiritual things. Nothing ever took that away from us... When we went home to Harrow, our cousin Dilys, then twelve years old (to our eight and six), came to stay with us for a while. We three had prayer meetings... Dilys was truly converted and had a good spiritual understanding, and was a great leader for our little meetings. She would read short passages from the Bible to us and she made sure that we never thought of these meetings as a game... The revival had spread to the Welsh churches in London, with the same tremendous impact..."

A lovely portrait of a lovely woman of God!...The wisdom and insight drawn from Bethan's life will be of great encouragement and help to today's pilgrims.
- Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Author, Revive Our Hearts & radio host, Niles, Michigan

What a rich and colorful portrait, of a godly woman who served her Savior with wit and wisdom...This is a portrait worth stopping to relish and study.
- Kathleen B. Nielson, Director of Women's Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition