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For Girls

Mary Slessor: Servant to the Slave and Heidi

By Catherine MacKenzie and Johanna Spyri

1 Paperback and 1 Hardback.

Mary Slessor: Servant to the Slave by Catherine Mackenzie (190 pgs.) is the inspiring story of a woman who despite the adversities she faced in her early years, surrendered her life to God and was used mightily by Him. Paired with the classic tale of redemption and forgiveness found in Heidi by Johanna Spyri (224 pgs.), this is the perfect gift offering for encouraging any girl in the faith.



Mary Slessor: Servant to the Slave


Mary Slessor grew up in the slums of Dundee in the 1800’s. Industry was booming but housing was sub-standard and life expectancy was low. Illness, disease and malnutrition killed many children before they reached the age of five. And Mary’s own family was both poor and abusive! What hope did she have of being “used by God”?

But in the plan of God, the slums of Dundee were Mary’s training ground for a much fiercer battle. Only about 25 years old, Mary traveled to West Africa to devote her life reaching the lost tribes of Calibar. And what a culture it was! Among the peoples of Calibar, superstition demanded that families kill twin babies and murder slaves and women at funerals.

But the Lord Jesus Christ used Mary’s labors to set many free from all that – and from their own sins! Her life in the slums of Dundee was the key ingredient to her success as a missionary – that, and her constant trust in her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To this day, Calibar remembers Mary Slessor, affectionately known as “Ma”; her influence on that region of Africa was astounding.




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Heidi is one of the most popular children’s books ever published, second only to Pinocchio—with over 50 million copies in print around the world (in at least 50 languages). Heidi is a delightful read. It is one of the most heartwarming Christian stories of all time for children. This is a book filled with joy, gratefulness, and praise to God. It is an ideal story for the Christian family, complete with vivid descriptions of sin, rebellion, God’s mercy, forgiveness, reconciliation, and faith. Young readers will learn about prayer, the purpose of trials, the sovereignty of God, and the goodness of God.

Over the years, much of the Christian content was removed from modern English editions of Heidi. The goal of this landmark republication was to restore all of the original Christian content, some of which was restored from the original German edition of 1881.

  • Enjoy the Christian heritage of this story, including numerous hymns and prayers contained in the original edition
  • Read Scripture verses which tie directly into the story
  • Share with your children key lessons from each chapter

Included in our Timeless Christian Classics series.

“The old man now folded his hands and said in a low voice, as big tears rolled down his cheeks: ‘Father, I have sinned against Heaven and against Thee, and I am no more worthy to be Thy son!’”