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For Young Men

The Battle of Seattle and Adventures of Missionary Heroism

By Douglas Bond and John Lambert

2 Paperbacks.

A healthy mix of riveting historical fiction set in the 1800s in the Pacific Northwest, and thrilling missionary adventures from all over the world make this gift set a perfect fit for the young man in your life. The Battle of Seattle, by Douglas Bond (312 pgs.); Adventures of Missionary Heroism, by John Lambert (376 pgs.).



The Battle of Seattle

Download a sample chapter of The Battle of Seattle.

It's 1855, and tensions in the Pacific Northwest between white settlers and native tribes have led to scores of deaths on both sides. As all-out war seems inevitable, young William Tidd, an express rider for the militia, joins Charles Eaton's Rangers on a mission to hunt down Chief Leschi of the Nisqually and end the bloodshed before it escalates. Through skirmishes, raids, close calls, and betrayal-William's assumptions, courage, and faith will all be challenged in a few breakneck weeks.

"“Boshton!” There it was again. The Indian had recovered his footing and, by the sounds of it, had made up for lost time. “Boshton!” The Indian was relentless. He was almost on top of him. William’s lungs felt like they were aflame. If only he had a Hudson Bay trade musket. He wouldn’t be in this predicament if he’d had a primed musket at the ready. Muskets cost too much. Now it would come down to a face-to-face, hand-to-hand (William groped for his bowie knife), a blade-to-blade fight with an Indian..."

Bond’s latest historical novel is a compelling and indispensable addition to a lesser-known chapter in American history. Bond’s fresh and engaging portrayal of the tragic clash of cultures in the Puget Sound Indian Wars of 1855–56 not only confronts today’s cultural and racial tensions but also provides hope for the future. Essential reading for every student of American history.
- Larry Faulk, former Washington State senator

Readers won’t even realize they are learning true history—wonderful for young adults, truly for any age. . . . Delightful book, difficult to put down.
- Patricia Ryan, public librarian


Adventures of Missionary Heroism

Download a sample chapter of Adventures of Missionary Heroism.

​“​If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.” (Matthew 16:24)

The 19th century has been called “The Greatest Century of Christian Missions.” Until the end of the world and Jesus returns, the missionary stories about the courageous Gospel heralds of the 19th century must be told from one generation to the next.

These are the greatest stories of faith in our age to be appended on the Hebrews 11 list of the heroes of the faith. We have republished this classic compendium of stories from John C. Lambert, who wrote these accounts of pioneering missionaries serving in the greatest century of missions. Every Christian child growing up in Christian homes should know these stories by heart, and every family should pass this record in printed form on to the next generation.

"All morning, ever since sunrise, the doctor has been busy with the patients who have come from far and near to be treated or prescribed for, until about a hundred persons are gathered in front of the little dispensary. The heat of the day is now coming on, but before dismissing them and distributing the medicines they have waited for, he takes down his Telugu Bible, reads and explains a chapter, and then kneels to ask a blessing upon all those who have need of healing..."

Wonderful book for family devotions to challenge you to walk worthy for Christ!
- Logan B.

We absolutely loved this book when we read it aloud for family devotions. It kept everyone's attention with the riveting adventures!
- Anna D.