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God and Government - Scratch & Dent Version

A Biblical, Historical, and Constitutional Perspective

By Gary DeMar

798 Pages
10-12 Grade
Worldview and Culture
1 Credit

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Nearly forty years ago, amid the rapid dissolution of the American moral fabric after Roe v. Wade, an old truth started gaining new life in America. It was the truth that had once made America great, but one which she had forgotten-that the Bible is not a collection of disconnected moralisms for private application, but rather a comprehensive guide for all of life, a blueprint for the private and public conduct of all individuals and nations. In 1982, the three-volume God and Government series fanned the flames of this national worldview awakening, establishing that the character of a nation and its people depends on their relationship with God as revealed in Holy Scripture.

The series quickly became a staple in the Christian curriculum. For decades, in the hands of countless teachers, parents, and students, the books educated minds young and old in the Christian history of America, the origin and foundation of government, the biblical principles of authority, and the basis and necessity of Christian political activism. But the work of reviving America is far from finished, and Americans need to hear-now more than ever-the biblical and historical truths explained in God and Government.

Now thirty years later, American Vision has thoroughly renovated, revised, and updated Gary DeMar's monumental work into this beautiful one-volume hardback. With a fresh new look, more images, an extensive subject and scripture index, and an updated bibliography, God and Government is ready to prepare a whole new generation to take on the political and religious battles confronting Christians today. May it be used in a new awakening of Christians in America-not just to inform minds, but to stimulate action and secure a better tomorrow for our posterity.

"To deny the validity of the many governments and the responsibilities that each has under God, would be to deny the authority that belongs to each of them in their designated realm of activity. If we as individuals neglect our personal governing duties, then we can expect the State to assume the role of all other legitimate governments and claim to be the sole government, while labeling all others as counterfiets..."

This is a foundational book for understanding the role of government—personal, family and civil—in today's world. It is easy to read, well-thought out, and soundly argued. Gary DeMar breaks down the biblical role of civil government and argues that America was founded as a Christian nation. While that does not mean every founding father was a Christian, it does mean Christianity influenced the air everyone breathed at that time, so that the Constitution and arrangement of civil government was based on biblical standards. I would recommend this to every American today as a great primer on understanding American history and the role of government in a Christian worldview.
- Eric C.

This is one of the best books I have ever read. It should be required reading for every elected government official from now on. High school and college seniors should have to pass an exam on the content of this book before they are awarded their diplomas. Every elected official should have to pass a test on this book before taking office.
- Linda K.

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