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God's Creation Set

By Various Authors

2 Paperbacks, 1 Hardcover.

"Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them" (Ps. 111:2)! These three new resources from Generations, Dr. Neal Bringe, and Kayla White present the wonders of God's creation from a biblical perspective. These three colorful, Bible-packed books are perfect for reading aloud to the family. Let's worship the Lord for His great works and serve Him with reverence and fear.

This set includes:


God Made Animals Textbook

A Biblical Worldview Biology Course

Kevin Swanson

5-7 Grade
1 Credit

Download a sample of God Made Animals

For the sixth grade student, Generations introduces a biblical worldview into the field of science in the most winsome way possible. Captured in this introduction to animal biology are the most amazing facts and the most interesting facets of God’s creation. The course is filled with Scripture and with a sense of wonder and praise, which is only fitting for a Christian child’s education. Prayers of praise and hymns play an important part in the course. Critical elements of the biblical worldview in the scientific field are laid out, to counter the false view of science that has become increasingly destructive in the present day.

Included in this course are the world of vertebrates, invertebrates, warm-blooded animals, cold-blooded animals, insects, the bombadier beetle, the butterfly, the spider, the mosquito, the dung beetle, the house fly, the silkworm, grasshoppers, the honeybee, the leech, the octopus, the jellyfish, the penguin, the chicken, the crow, the pigeon, and more!

This course also covers basic genetics, basic taxonomy, the basics of bird flight, animal domestication, and real life science application opportunities for the student. The student is introduced to man’s responsibility to take dominion over insects, birds, fish, and domesticated animals, as one of the most critical elements of science from a biblical perspective.

Features of this textbook:

  • Prayer and Singing Assignments
  • Practical Life Application Assignments

​You can also find the accompanying God Made Animals Workbook.

Lucy: A Ladybug's Life

Download a sample chapter of Lucy: A Ladybug's Life.

In the beginning, God created all the animals, all the creepy, crawly things…and all the ladybugs! Join Lucy the Ladybug on a journey through her simple yet amazing life. Along the way, you’ll learn interesting facts about ladybugs, as well as some fascinating lessons she quietly illustrates about our Creator and the Christian life.

This book contains two sections: the story, which communicates facts about ladybugs and weaves in truths from the Gospel, and a section for parents, which is made up of questions, answers, and Scripture verses to help parents interact with their children about more Gospel truths and practical applications of Biblical principles. This is a fun, yet educational story, that is sure to be interesting and engaging for children of various ages.

All Creatures Pour Out Speech

Download a sample chapter of All Creatures Pour Out Speech.

Read All Creatures Pour Out Speech to teach and renew precious truths about God and ourselves in Scripture. The truths come alive as Dr. Neal Bringe shares insightful connections between the testimonies of creatures and Scripture. He does this with his own remarkable photographs and experiences with domestic and wild animals.

Learn to see the abundant power, goodness and sovereignty of God as you meditate on His birds, beasts, beetles and fish. Imagine rejoicing in the Lord with the next generation as inspired by the examples of singing seagulls and crashing waves of the coastlands. Observe everyday examples of patience, peace and unceasing-praise. Notice that each creature’s testimony was made in God’s wisdom to declare His glory. Create a thirst to walk humbly with God, serving Him faithfully with all your hearts in Jesus. After you reflect on each page, expect to be encouraged to go on your own adventures outside to know God better.