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Hand of Vengeance - Scratch and Dent Version

By Douglas Bond

Paperback. 192 Pages

"This item has either a dent(s) or other defects. The book remains readable and the text has no markings."

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Cynwulf, shunned for being part Viking and part Saxon, lives beneath a beached Viking ship on the outskirts of the Anglo-Saxon community surrounding Tildric Hall. Life is hard enough for him as a half-breed misfit--until the fateful day his battleaxe is found in a dead man's skull. Charged with murder and facing the sword of Anglo-Saxon justice, Cynwulf's longings and dreams now hang in the balance--and so does his life.

The Heroes & History Series takes you on epic journeys through turbulent times in history. Douglas Bond gives flesh and blood to heroes as they face war, intrigue, betrayal, loss--and triumph.

"Sun-drenched morning that it was, Cynwulf’s attention was drawn next to a sound in the sea grass and low scrub brush that bordered the sands of the tidelands. He cocked his ear. surely it was a song thrush foraging for snails. The speckle-breasted bird’s merry chir-chir-trilling made Cynwulf smile and had an effect he could not explain. How could the merry call of a tiny feathered creature make him so to swell within himself and to feel that somehow all might at last come to rights in the world? He could not explain it..."

Hand of Vengeance is an amazing tale of intrigue and adventure you won't want to miss.
- Brock Eastman

This really is a magnificent book. It was written with the mind of a lawyer and the pen of a poet.
- Simona Spear

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