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Home Education For Real Life

By the Botkin Family

MP3 CD. 10 Hours

If you’ve ever wondered how in the world you are going to teach your children everything they need to know for life and leadership in the real world, this 7-part series from the Botkin family might be the dose of hope, relief, and encouragement you need.

Featuring veteran homeschoolers Geoffrey and Victoria and all seven of their grown children, “Home Education for Real Life” tackles the tough issues: higher education, different learning styles, giftings, homeschooling on a budget, vocational training, teaching social skills and confidence, helping children who don’t like to read or write, teaching children to navigate the world without becoming conformed to the world, creating an educational home environment, and more.

Hear from each member of the Botkin family, as they talk about lessons they’ve learned along the way, books and resources they recommend, things that worked for them, and things they’ll never do again. A great source of motivation and encouragement for the whole family!

Sessions include:

  • Ready for What? What We Must Educate Our Children to Be and Do
  • Ready to Think and Communicate: How to Have Something to Say and How to Say it – Studying Theology, Apologetics, Critical Thinking Skills, Writing, Researching, Editing, Speaking, and how to boldly give an answer.
  • Ready to Lead Culture: How to Take Dominion of the Arts Without the Arts Taking Dominion of You – Studying Music, Art, Photography, Graphic Design, Fashion, and Filmmaking
  • Ready to Take Dominion of the Earth: Studying Science, Math, Engineering, Medicine, Computer Sciences, Agriculture, Construction, and the basic knowledge necessary in order to participate in 21st Century progress.
  • Ready to Lead in the Gates: Studying Economics, Law, Political Science, Military Studies, Geography, and History
  • Ready for Anything: Figuring Out Vocation, Gifts, Real Life Skills, and the Unique Challenges of the 21st century
  • Bonus: Final Questions and Answers