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Malachi Man Foundations Module

By Malachi Man

5 DVDs

Malachi Man’s “Foundations” Video Series is an engaging, biblical, and practical discipleship course. Based on Malachi 4:6: “He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.” The father-child relationship is critical because how children view their earthly father is how they typically view their heavenly Father. Malachi Man helps men –from all walks of life- cultivate a relationship in which their children freely come to them to express and work through their hopes, fears, desires, temptations, doubts, affections etc. Any willing man can grow in this. If we are not engaging the heart, we are missing the heart of discipleship.

The course is laid out over 10 weeks, with 5 instructional videos, and 10 intentional Talksheets. It can be used for single families, small groups, or larger groups; and adapted to various time frames. The video messages are powerfully illustrated with fire, guns, cowboys, motorbikes, horses, tractors, boats, and more. Topics include:

  • Wholehearted love for God
  • Typical church going father vs biblical fatherhood
  • The spiritual battle and the armour of God
  • Family devotions, practical “how to” for all ages
  • Communication, active listening, motive revealing questions, transparency
  • God’s incredible design for sexuality, the enemy’s tactics to destroy, setting boundaries, establishing an on-going open conversation
  • Temptations, struggles, business, fears, wrong priorities, pornography, secrecy etc.
  • Gospel redemption in every category of daily living

The weekly structure and 10 Talksheets work to prioritize consistent discipleship, and trains fathers and sons to normalize heart-level discipling conversations. This primes the “discipleship pump” such that when the course is over, they simply continue on what has already been started.

Foundations Module encourages and equips men to take up their God-given role of making disciples on a heart-level; first inside the home, then outside the home.

See MalachiMan.com for more information or to watch the DVD trailers.