$ 12.95

Scripture Songs II

By Ron and Patti Vaillant

Audio CD. 24 Tracks

This music is the combination of many experiences and talents; and like "Scripture Songs I" it draws exclusively from the Word of God. The Bible commends us to hear the Word of the Lord, to drink fully from it's fountain. It has been our privilege to gather scripture in melodies that proclaim God's promises to his children. We encourage you to place these promises into your mind, embrace them in your heart, and experience them in your life.

I originally purchased Patti Vaillant Scripture Songs for my son because he heard a few of her songs on the Christian Family radio station and loved her songs, he was so happy with this CD I wound up buying all of her Scripture song CD's, now we both enjoy them in the car and at work, I would love it if she would make a few more CD's of Scripture songs, I would buy them all.
- Janice S.

These songs are done with so much love and care. It is so nice to listen to in the car or before bed. It is relaxing and the guitar is perfection. I am so glad that these were made. Thank you.
- Evelyn B.