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Sketches from Church History Set

An Illustrated Account of 20 Centuries of Christ's Power

By S.M. Houghton

Paperback and Spiral-Bound, 2 Volumes

The textbook, which is about 250 pages long, outlines the thrilling story of the onward march of the Church of Christ from the earliest times to the end of the nineteenth century. It is not a dry-as-dust account of long-forgotten events and controversies, but rather a moving record of those who undertook the adventure of faith before us and, through their courage and steadfastness, left an example for the church in every age. Reading of the exploits of those who have gone before us, through times of prosperity and times of persecution, should stimulate, warn and encourage the church in our own age to persevere in the same path, and obtain the same everlasting reward.

The Student Workbook comes with a course syllabus, questions and answers, charts, timelines, maps, puzzles, and essay topics. This workbook will be an invaluable companion to Sketches from Church History. The workbook is spiral-bound and has 128 pages.


If you are looking for a concise history of the Christian church then this is the book to read. The author provides enough information to grasp the culture of each age but he does not get so technical that you quickly lose interest. For anyone who has a passion to study church history I would recommend to start with this book and dive deeper into a particular era that grabs your attention.
- Eric S.

A really brilliant book! Everyone should read this. It will make you realise how truly amazing the the history of Christ's church is, will give you a good and broad understanding of church history in an engaging fashion, and will fill you with hope and encouragement.
- Philip