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Story of the Kingdom Set

By Kevin Swanson, John C. Lambert, John Hall, Frontline Missions International

2 Paperbacks, 2 Hardcovers, 10 hours, 22 minutes (10 DVDs)

This video and the "spread of the gospel" maps used in Taking the World for Jesus were created by Isaac Botkin.

Download a sample of Taking the World for Jesus

This set includes:

Taking the World for Jesus

Prepare to be astonished at how our risen Saviour has been taking over the world over the last 2000 years. From Judea to Rome, Ireland, Denmark, China, Japan, Uganda, and New Zealand, He and his people have confronted formidable strongholds and brought about the transformation of nations.

The Life of Henry Martyn

Originally published in 1832, this is a short biography of one of the most important missionaries of the 19th century. This young man willingly (and literally) gave up his life to spend years in India and Persia sharing the gospel with the people of that land, caring for the poor, and translating the Scriptures into the common tongue.

Adventures of Missionary Heroism

We have re-published this classic compendium of stories from John C. Lambert, who wrote these accounts of pioneering missionaries serving in the greatest century of missions. These are the greatest stories of faith in our age to be appended on the Hebrews 11 list of the heroes of the faith.


True freedom is only possible by the blood of Jesus Christ. It is a substantial freedom that gives birth to other substantial freedoms, and millions are blessed when tyrannies are systematically overthrown. In this seminal book on freedom from a Christian perspective, Kevin Swanson first defines the term and then he traces the struggle for freedom through biblical times and church history.

Dispatches from the Front (complete set, 10 DVDs)

Believers everywhere desperately need a renewed vision of Christ and the unstoppable advance of His saving work in all the earth. Our view of God’s Kingdom is often too small and limited to what we have experienced. Dispatches from the Front highlights the marvelous extent, diversity, and unity of Christ’s Kingdom in our world. The journal format of each episode underscores the daily unfolding of God’s activity on the “frontlines,” bringing viewers up-close with sights and sounds from distant corners of the Kingdom.

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