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Stretched Yet Unbroken

A Family Knit Together Continues Their Legacy of Faith

By Shari Howard McMinn

Hardcover. 296 Pages

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Readers won’t want to miss out as author Shari Howard McMinn takes a step back to survey a full vista of lives well lived, starting with her family’s interesting roots. Working through her own recent tragedies, and culminating in the meaningful shared joy of life past, present, and future, her engaging memoir is filled with a lot of heart, a lot of laughs, and a lot of meaning to a generational legacy of faith. Written with her storyteller’s style that keeps the pages turning, she will have you laughing, sobbing, nodding with agreement, or a combination of all, and more!

Stretched Yet Unbroken is the real life story of how God takes ordinary people and works on them, and through them, in extraordinary ways. Sometimes His work is sudden and drastic, but more often it is daily and gradually over the course of a lifetime. Throughout the connected generations, He shapes a sturdy people for His kingdom. In this multigenerational family memoir, Shari Howard McMinn relates the simplicity and excitement, the trials and triumphs, along with the tragedy and hilarity of an American family’s journey through the 1900’s into the present day.

"In the aftermath of our great loss, I realized that it was now my primary job to help my kids deal with their lives which had been changed forever, and to help them each find a reason to go on. I wanted them not just to survive, but thrive. My greatest task as Mom lay before me, even as my greatest grief and burden of Wife was drowning me..."

Shari's book was amazing! Stretched Yet Unbroken was an easy read, always engaging and a book that I couldn't put down. Shari was so beautifully descriptive in her words making it easy to visualize the situations she was writing about. What I loved the most about the book was reading how Shari & Cary handled and guided their children with the goal they had in mind for their life and children. This was a true love story of two amazing people and their family.
- Cheryl

Shari McMinn has written a book that defies genre. It combines memoir, family history, theology, parenting, adoption, homestead living, and so much more into one amazing volume. Her frank retelling of the sudden death of her beloved husband and its impact on their large family is heart-rending, but the Christian hope and peace she displays is heart-warming. She touches on so many topics, there literally will be something for everyone.
- Marcia

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