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The Evangelistic Zeal of George Whitefield

A Long Line of Godly Men Series

By Steven J. Lawson

Hardcover. 150 pages

From Charles Spurgeon to Martin Luther, certain lives throughout church history are remembered as special testaments of God’s faithfulness. Through preaching, teaching, hymnody, and their courageous choices, they illustrate what God’s grace can accomplish through a life submitted to His purposes. The Long Line of Godly Men Profile series with Douglas Bond, Sinclair Ferguson, and Dr. Steven J. Lawson as the series editor offers readers an opportunity to learn from these exemplary lives.

All of Steve Lawson's "Long Line of Godly Men" books are very well done. This one was particularly informative and I would say is a must-read!
- Charles D.

Fast pace, great detail and documentation. The man's life and work are a testament to God's empowering. Recommended reading to any who fear they've not seen all God can do in and through a humble, devoted believer in the Christ of God.
- Tom K.

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