$ 18.00

The Fugitive Prince

Bell Mountain Series, Book 5

By Lee Duigon

Hardcover. 370 Pages

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The powers wielded by the men of ancient times destroyed all their cities in a single day. Will those powers now be turned against Obann?

In this fifth book of the Bell Mountain Series, there is a new Thunder King in the East, and new threats against the West. The City of Obann seethes with treason and plots against King Ryons – and an ignorant slave-boy must defend the rightful king’s throne. And from the Lost Book of King Ozias emerges the first glimmer of God’s promise of a Savior.

In an age of treason, with the Temple laid in ruins and no First Prester to lead it, what will be the fate of the man who betrayed the Temple to destruction? Will the nation turn to the New Temple in the East – or to the words of their God?

"He found Ellayne sitting near the hedge with someone, a boy. When Jack got close enough to see his face, he had a shock. “What in the world!” he cried. “King Ryons!” “Shh! Don’t make so much noise!” Ellayne snapped at him. “Sit down and be quiet. The king wants to talk to us.” Having been on as many adventures as he already had in his short life, Jack knew something was afoot. This was how they started..."

The author has outdone his self, as as suburb author, and a Christian at that, again. I have read the previous books as the "story develops" in them, and this one is the best! Do not misread me, one does not have to read the previous books to really enjoy The Fugitive Prince; it stands alone on its own. Buy it and read it, I can almost guarantee you will not be able to put it down once you start reading it! ...and you just may want to get the prior ones, and read them.
- Paul Z.

Nice read, great story to introduce youngsters to reading and religion. You can stop and draw parallels to biblical events. Great teaching tool!

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