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The Glass Bridge

Bell Mountain Series, Book 7

By Lee Duigon

Paperback. 308 Pages

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In the seventh installment of the Bell Mountain Series, Can faith do what pride and power can’t? In obedience to God, the boy king, Ryons, with only half his tiny army, crosses the mountains to invade the Thunder King’s domains.

The new First Prester, Lord Orth, a man of peace, is called to lead a savage nation in a war for freedom and survival—and to deliver God’s word to Heathen peoples who have never known it.

"As you grow up, and as he grows up, too, King Ryons will need your help,” Father said. “You and Jack both. I’ll be an old man by then. The king will need your wits and your pluck. You’re as brave as any warrior in his army, but as your mother has said, you have God’s blessing on you. Fine ladies can be had for the asking, but wise and faithful servants to a king can hardly be had at any price..."

For those longing to get lost in an epic saga, Lee Duigon provides a page-turning Christian-informed alternative to the New Age mediocrities that litter the book lists for older children and young adults. The Glass Bridge, the 7th in his Bell Mountain series of fantasy fiction, is as readable as the first six, and builds toward a fascinating battle between good and evil.
- Robert K.

Lee keeps up his good work and leaves us wanting to read more. It was well worth the wait.
- Ina M.

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