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The Story of Freedom Student Workbook

The Story of Freedom and Workbook

By Kevin Swanson

10-12 Grade
1/2 Credit
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Download a sample chapter of The Story of Freedom.

"If the Son will set you free, you will be free indeed." John 8:36

If you live in America or other Western nations, you are probably thankful for the heritage of freedom we have received from the last 800 years of battles fought over it. But, have you shared the story of freedom with your children? This History of Western Liberties course includes a study guide and text (written by Kevin Swanson) aimed for the Christian student at the high school level.

Does your family know the history of the Magna Carta, the Scottish struggle for independence with William Wallace, the Dutch struggle of independence with William the Silent, and the American struggle for independence and the resultant Bill of Rights? Have you told the story? Is this mandatory curriculum in your homeschool? We would highly recommend it!

  • Lesson Schedule
  • Worksheets for Each Section
  • Exams to Reinforce Learning
  • Answer Key

“When Jesus Christ provides freedom, it will be no sham freedom, no temporary, superficial, pseudo-freedom as that promised by pseudo-liberal politicians. His freedom is the ultimate freedom, as free as a man can possibly be."

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