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The Throne

Bell Mountain Series, Book 9

By Lee Duigon

Paperback. 270 Pages

The Thunder King has been destroyed—or has he actually reappeared in Obann’s greatest city, to claim it as his prey?

In city and in forest, the boy king’s loyal servants struggle to preserve his throne. But it will be a long journey home for King Ryons and his army, while ambitious and unfaithful men scheme to take away his kingdom.

Nothing in the city of Obann is what it seems to be: evil masquerades as good, while good must hide behind a semblance of evil. The king’s chief spy must pose as the usurper’s trusted adviser—but will he be able to find the help he needs to mount a successful resistance?

For God has chosen Ryons to be king, and Ryons’ people must find friends in unexpected places. Join the heroes of Bell Mountain as they fight for Ryons' throne!

Lee Duigon’s The Throne may be his best yet in the Bell Mountain series. Packed with action, the book’s palace intrigue in the city of Obann is right out of House of Cards, except that Mr. Duigon keeps it clean. He shows how a skillful author can reveal the temptations and darker side of corrupted men without corrupting the reader. All too often, modern fiction leaves readers or viewers awash in the abnormal and perverse world of psychological darkness. Mr. Duigon navigates the extremes of human temptation and generates suspense without resorting to cheap effect. Not that there isn’t plenty of action. The Throne has fascinating villains who keep the cauldron boiling. It also has attractive heroes and heroines who aren’t confused about what’s right and wrong. With battles on several different levels, The Throne explores what it would take to re-establish justice and peace in a troubled kingdom that has forgotten God and gone astray. As in his other Bell Mountain books, Mr. Duigon here gives readers a fun and sometimes wild ride while deftly exposing the allure and dangers of false religion.
- Robert K.

Lee's writing gets better and better. Did not want to put the book down. Can not wait to find out what is next.
- Ina M.

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