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The Thunder King

Bell Mountain Series, Book 3

By Lee Duigon

Paperback. 289 Pages

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This book is part of the Bell Mountain Series Collection.

Can Obann be saved? Must the West's great city fall to the barbarians? Welcome to the third book in The Bell Mountain Series!

The Thunder King's vast army encamps against the city, a ring of fire and steel. But treason brews inside the city walls...The tiny army of the Lord is on the march against the undefeated horde, in bold obedience, to a divine command; but the boy king, Ryons, marches all alone across an empty land. The Lost Book of Scripture have been found, but they may be lost again before the human race can read them. And Jack and Ellayne have been captured by the Heathen. Prophets rise up in unexpected places, unlikely men and women perform deeds of desperate courage, and fantastic monsters stalk the night -- while the Thunder King stretches forth his hand to seize the world.

"Wytt stood up, sniffed the air, and chattered. “He says it’s going to rain tonight,” Jack said. Since they’d rung the bell, he and Ellayne were able to understand the Omah’s not-quite language. But Martis couldn’t.“I hate getting rained on!” Ellayne grumbled.“Don’t be ungrateful,” Martis said. “if it rains hard enough, it’ll wipe out whatever trail we’ve left."

Another wonderful book by Lee Duigon. There are so many lovable and godly-wise characters, whose adventures are a delight to read. Even though these are YA books, they have plenty of action and insight for adults. These are now among my favorite comfort books. I'm eager to find out what happens next! On to The Last Banquet!
- A. Reker

Lee Duigon continues his marvelous Bell Mountain saga. Through his recreated renditions of Scripture & his characters slowly uncovering & learning the truth, Duigon creatively reveals the might, power, love & mercy of the one true God--Father & Creator of all. I love how Duigon shows the reader how God can & will orchestrate events that will show His power & bring glory to Him. What a wonderful & miraculous God we serve!
- Ruth C.

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