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The Westminster Confession of Faith

For Study Classes

By G.I. Williamson

Paperback. 410 Pages

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An unsurpassed summary of biblical truth, the Westminster Confession of Faith should be familiar ground to people of Reformed and Presbyterian conviction. For decades, G.I. Williamson's guide to the confession has been an invaluable resource toward that end.

"This manual was written in a home mission charge for the purpose of recovering with certainty and fullness the rich heritage of the Reformation faith. Whatever may be the weaknesses of this study manual on the Westminster Confession of Faith, the author can testify that a study of this Confession, as a body of doctrines provable from Scripture, has been of inestimable benefit to the faithful congregation that patiently studied and thus helped to write the lessons of this book. Should this manual assist others also to see that system of doctrine set forth in Scripture, all of the labors of its author will be abundantly rewarded..."

Useful, practical, succinct, and sound . . .still the best and safest work of its kind available.
- Joel Beeke, President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

If this biblical, Reformed faith is to be a living faith in our day, it requires an intimate acquaintance with the kind of biblical wisdom contained in this great confession. Williamson’s study is an excellent help to that end.
- Cornelis P. Venema