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Would Jesus Bake This Cake?

Bill Jack Wants to Know

By Bill Jack


In our culture, the wicked are using the law to silence those who speak publicly against them. For example, a New Mexico photographer, a Washington florist and bakers in Oregon and Colorado refused to offer their wedding services to same sex couples. The openly Christian business owners claimed protection of their religious convictions under the First Amendment. The homosexuals claimed discrimination, and the courts agreed, resulting in fines, court ordered censorship and one business closure.

Some Christians question whether business owners have the right to refuse service to same sex couples. "After all," the argument goes, "Jesus associated with sinners, so wouldn't he demonstrate his love for same sex couples by baking them a wedding cake?"

However, consider this: Since Jesus was a carpenter, would he build a wedding bed for a same sex couple? Since he was a rabbi, would he perform the marriage ceremony for them? Perhaps the bigger question for the culture is, "If these anti-discrimination laws work in favor of the radical homosexual agenda, will these same laws protect Christians against discrimination?" In this DVD Bill Jack test whether legislators and judged will apply the law equally, or, like the Pharisees, be hypocrites (Luke 12:1).