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Katharine von Bora

The Morning Star of Wittenberg

By Jenna and Shanna Strackbein

Hardcover. 52 Pages

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Katharine von Bora: The Morning Star of Wittenberg tells the amazing and inspiring story of Martin Luther's wife. Children will be introduced to the basic narrative of her life, from her childhood to her days as a Catholic nun, to her escape, and finally to her marriage to Martin Luther and her life lived as a loved and respected wife.

This charmingly illustrated picture book shows her Christian character shining through how she managed their home, showed hospitality to a constant stream of visitors, visited the sick, and was a loving wife and mother to six children. Discover how this amazing woman impacted the reformation -and the world!--through her life.

“A great Reformation swept throughout Germany. People’s hearts began to change as they heard the truths that Martin Luther taught from the Bible. His writings were printed and widely read by nobles and peasants alike."

“Boys and girls (and adults too) will love this beautiful book about a godly woman who helped to change the world.”
- Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“This may be one of the most important of all the stories of the Reformation—and thankfully, the very gifted Strackbein family has told this story beautifully, powerfully, and delightfully.”
- George Grant, author, pastor, and President of the King’s Meadow Study Center

“When I read this beautifully illustrated book to my grandchildren, I choked up a few times encountering the beauty of marriage and the wonderful way Katie served the Lord in her generation...now she was inspiring the rising generation of my own family. What blessing!”
- Scott Brown, pastor at Hope Baptist Church, Wake Forest, North Carolina, and President of the National Center for Family Integrated Churches

“Where should our teaching of the historical Reformation begin? With young children. Here is a brilliant and effective way to introduce...Katharine von Bora’s exciting life, as she married the number one most-wanted man in the Holy Roman Empire, Martin Luther, guided their family through trying times, and set a Christian example so badly needed in our day.”
- Bill Potter, historian and tour guide for Landmark Events