New at Generations

Apostate (2nd Edition)

The Heroic Boldness of Martin Luther

Katharine von Bora

One With Everything

Taking the World for Jesus

Adventures of Missionary Heroism

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Christian Discipleship Curriculum

America In God's Providence Complete Set

Essential Writings on Church History Set

Great Christian Stories Set

Great Christian Classics Set (3rd Edition)

History of the World Set (AD 33 to the Present)

The History of Western Liberties Set

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Tim's Day with Daddy

The Knight's Map

The Biggest Story ABC

Get Wisdom

The Barber Who Wanted to Pray

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Family & Relationships

Family Life

Pitchin' a Fit!

Resolving Conflict


Learning Contentment


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Family Bible Study Series

Complete Bible Study Guide Collection



Proverbs Collection

Proverbs Study Guide Book 1 (Pro. 1-15)

Psalms Study Guide Book 5 Part 2 (Ps. 120-150)

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Young Adults


The Battle of Seattle

War in the Wasteland

Luther in Love

A Long Line of Godly Men Set

Eight Women of Faith

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