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Disciplines of a Godly Man

With Complete Study Guide

By R. Kent Hughes

304 Pages
10-12 Grade
1/2 Credit

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This inspiring and best selling book uses biblical wisdom, engaging illustrations, practical suggestions for daily living, and personal study questions to address the major areas of contemporary Christian manhood.

"An athlete maybe born with a strong body, a musician with perfect pitch, or an artist with an eye for perspective. But none of us can claim an innate spiritual advantage. In reality, we are all equally disadvantaged. None of us naturally seeks after God, none is inherently righteous, none instinctively does good (cf. Romans3:9-18). Therefore, as children of grace, our spiritual discipline is everything — everything!"

Discipline is a subject about which the Scriptures say much-but contemporary authors have been peculiarly silent. Kent Hughes fills a gaping void with this superb volume.… If there is a spark of spiritual desire in your soul, this book will surely kindle it into a blazing passion for godly discipline.
- John MacArthur

This is a book for men who are eager to learn how to be more effective. It comes from the pen of one who has learned to serve as he has led and who is able to provide the reader with many practical applications of eternal truth.
- C. William Pollard, Chairman Emeritus, The ServiceMaster Company