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Virtuous: A Study for Ladies of Every Age

By Nancy Wilson

140 Pages
7-9 Grade
1/2 Credit

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Virtuous walks through fourteen biblical virtues to help women of all ages be actively pursuing fruitfulness in the knowledge of Christ. That is the highest endeavor for Christians, and it doesn't just happen by accident. From the Scriptures, learn about the Christian woman's first and highest duty, along with why it's so important for wives to be "women of valor," what it looks like to be a leading woman in your community, and what it means to pursue virtue when everyone tells you that sort of thing is no longer important.

This encouraging little book includes concise explanations, application questions and assignments that will involve and challenge everyone, and lots of biblical wisdom for individuals and groups.

"The outside (the good things we do) must spring from what’s inside, and those two must be consistent. If we are trying to “be good” without a godly character, we won’t be able to keep it up for long. But if we have been renewed by the Holy Spirit in Christ, we will necessarily work out what He has worked in..."

Such an amazing book! One to keep close and read often as a reminder to be a virtuous woman. It was straight and to the point but very though provoking and a great guide!
- Rachel H.

Thankful for the challenging and encouraging study of the virtues in Scripture that the world sometimes gets completely backward.
- Jennie O.

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